How do I get S-Rank weapons?

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How do I get S-Rank weapons? Empty How do I get S-Rank weapons?

Post  Eistee on Tue Nov 24, 2009 4:33 am

Since Challenge Mode is not available on this server, there is a different way to obtain them: Simply level up your character.

At level 150, you will receive your first S-Rank.
At level 175, you will receive your second S-Rank.
At level 195, you will receive your last S-Rank as a little Bonus.

To receive your S-Rank, post a picture in the "S-Rank Picture Thread" which shows your character level and Exp to next level. Also, add your Guild Card Number! Then, PM an Administrator (like me) for a meeting to receive your S-Rank.

If you level up before you take the pic, you lost! A level 151 character will not get an S-Rank!

You can pick every S-Rank, but you should know that S-Rank Claw, S-Rank Axe and S-Rank Slicer are not available anymore! They were replaced by S-Rank Ray (Holy Ray), S-Rank Golden Blade (Excalibur) and S-Rank Fanatic (Slicer of Fanatic).

Also note that S-Ranks had their ATA increased and S-Rank Saber can now hit three targets!

However, I won`t tell you which weapon got which ATA boost... find out yourself!

Have fun,


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